Expect Joy

Gaudium means "joy" in Latin.

Have you been looking for joy?

Are you curious about the health benefits of cannabis and CBD? I was too. My doctor’s attempts to cure my psoriasis were actually making my skin worse. After a few disappointing dermatologist visits I gave up on the expensive, painful “cures,” and started my research. Putting hemp oil on my sores helped! In fact it helped a lot more than anything else I’d tried, but I wasn’t that surprised. I already knew the healing wonders of cannabis: a college friend battled cancer and swore that my edibles helped her through chemotherapy. She said it wasn’t just a buffer against the nausea and exhaustion, but she also felt less depressed.

Still, I wanted to know more about curing or at least calming my psoriasis. I called upon my friends who were medical caregivers in non-prohibition states. I wasn’t surprised when the CBD balms and salves they gave me did more to soothe and calm my skin than anything I had tried.

The anti-inflammatory balms also helped general aches and pains, and more impressively my blown out “rower’s knee” than anything that’s FDA approved.

My story isn’t unique, but as a teacher I knew that I had an opportunity to help people understand cannabis rather than fear it. I sensed a growing obligation to teach people about the healing possibilities of this plant, and in that moment Gaudium Enterprises was born: A place where you could learn and feel safe.

Is it time to start treating your health and peace of mind as your most-important asset?

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The Double

The Double is perfect for two friends on an adventure. It shares a bathroom with the Queen. The Double is $750 for 2 nights.

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The Queen

The Queen is the perfect cozy couple’s nook. It shares a bathroom with the Double. The Queen is $750 for 2 nights.

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The King

The King is our favorite room. It has its own deck, private bathroom, and a jacuzzi. It’s perfect for a couple or solo.
The King is $1000 for 2 nights.

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Meet Your Hosts:

Dan Gangemi

Berkshires Native, Dan has been running a Bed & Breakfast for decades. He puts together gorgeous, tasty experiences that you'll remember for years to come.


Jessamin Swearingen

Colorado born, NYC raised, Jessamin has been teaching for decades. Her cannabis and CBD curriculum will help you understand the plant and its potential.